Tread Lightly Shoe Recycling

For years we’ve been frustrated about the number of skate shoes that get thrown in the rubbish here at Fast Times. With the reality of climate change hitting hard, we decided it was time to do something about it. We are honored to team up with Tread Lightly, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to responsibly recycling old footwear to reduce the global waste problem.

With 110 million shoes making their way to Australian shores each year, only 1% are collected and recycled. Fast Times and Tread Lightly are here to change that! All you need to do is head into any of our stores and drop your shredded kicks in the collection unit. It’s really that simple!
Your shoes are sent to a recycling plant here in Australia for sorting, breakdown and processing. The reusable components of the shoes are extracted, including rubber, leather and fibers. These reclaimed materials are used to make new products such as gym mats, floors, playgrounds and our new grip-tape stations!
So next time you cop a new pair of shoes, don’t throw your old ones in the rubbish, instead give those stinky old things to us! Let’s reduce our collective footprint together.
Learn more about Tread Lightly here: https://treadlightly.asga.com.au