Fast Times was started in 2008 in Melbourne Australia.

At our core, we are a skateboarding store that offers a hub for our local scene and a connecting point for visitors and friends from abroad.

The stores and brand are a reflection of all the influences that have inspired us over the years. From skateboarders ,musicians and artists, to our local communities and extended friends and family, we value everyone that has contributed to help shape us to where we are today. The constant evolution and progression is what drives us.

We are immensely proud of where we have come from and excited about where we are going.

Anti Hero X Fast Times





Volcom x Fast Times

Volcom Stone Made products are meticulously engineered for life on the road, with unique signature details and the highest quality materials, we integrate groundbreaking technology at the fiber level, including ‘Stop The Stench Anti-Microbial Technology;
our jeans and chinos feature sustainable anti-microbial finishes applied at the fabric state so they can be worn longer and harder between washes with less odor.
Superior stretch for mobility and the highest recovery to hold the pant shape. Durability, our nylon spun yarn has incredible strength that is extremely resistant to tear and abrasion.
Water resistance; a protective coating is added to our fabric which defends the pant from water and dirt while keeping you dry and cool.



Fast Times x Melbourne Tattoo Co

Zoe is a co owner of Melbourne Tattoo Co.
Her board came up amazing!!!!!
You can shop Zoes board in all Fast Times stores & Online here:

Fast Times x Melbourne Tattoo Co - Girl Deck


Matt Wisdom is a co owner of Melbourne Tattoo Co and has been providing the Melbourne scene with amazing artwork for many years now.
We are so stoked to have worked with him and the team to create our Bird deck.
You can shop Matts design on the link below.

Fast Times x Melbourne Tattoo Co - Bird Deck



Chocolate x Fast Times



Nike Fast Times Dunk



 Nick Cave X Fast Times



Girl Skate Co X Fast Times



PassPort X Fast Times


Movember X Fast Times Partnership